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When hiring a videographer it’s very important to acquaint yourself with what they are offering. This sounds like a very basic concept but in the videography world, it requires a little more research. There are all sorts of wedding videos out there. There are the “nonstop-full-day-documentary videographers” and the “multi-team-similar-content videographers”. The ones that give you all the unedited footage and some who only offer it cleaned up and organized. And, I can guarantee, each videographer you talk to will offer something completely different than the next. Now, I feel confident in saying that none of us set out to cause confusion in doing this. We all want whats best for the bride and hold different interpretations of what that looks like. So in order to shed some light on things, here is a break down of our packages and how they work.


We currently offer two main packages, and almost all of the weddings we book involve two videographers, Rich and myself. This allows us to achieve multiple angles as well as different perspectives.


We start off with eight hours for the same reasons most photographers do. Eight hours typically covers the course of final preparations through the major reception events. Which in turn provides us with the material to best summarize the emotion and feeling of your day.


Our second package includes ten hours of continuous coverage which results in us being there almost the entire day. While including quite a few features that the Grey package offers (packages), it also provides additional features to provide more content. This includes a longer more in-depth feature film, and a reception film.


After your wedding we like to send you a little something to give you a glimpse of what’s to come. Your Sneak Peek is a one minute film that includes brief clips from all the major parts of your day. This is shared within two weeks of the wedding day.

Traverse City Wedding Videography


There are many emotions people feel about ceremonies. Some find it vital to their memories, some see it as simply a formality. But, a majority find it the most nerve-racking part of the day and walk away having no memory of it. The multi-camera ceremony allows for you to have a film specifically dedicated to your ceremony and nothing else. Somewhat touching on the documentary style of videography; it captures your entire wedding from multiple angles but is cut together creatively to provide a more cinematic feel.

Traverse City Wedding Videography


A Highlight Film is a 5 to 7 minute film. It includes a steady paced and summarized retelling of your whole wedding day. Throughout filming we will take notes of the moments that highlight you as a couple the best. From there we compose a film that is unique to your wedding story. This is a great mnemonic that is short enough to revisit on a trip down nostalgia lane, but long enough to not leave out major emotions. It typically includes a few audio excerpts from the vows/speeches/ceremony that assist in telling your story.


The Feature Film is in a lot of ways an extended version of the highlight film. It uses some of the same footage but expounded upon to provide an in-depth understanding of the day. Designed to be more chronological, it walks the viewer through each part of the day from multiple perspectives. This allows you to feel the movement and emotion of the day in it’s entirety.


The Reception Film is an in-depth look into the events of your reception. This includes extended footage of guests mingling, larger parts of formal events, and a majority of the venue details. 

Traverse City Wedding Videography


While filming your wedding day we aim to get all the important moments. This includes your wedding speeches. Before the big day we make sure we are prepared to record multiple copies of each speech from multiple angles. This is so we can provide you the best quality recordings. Most of your speeches will make it into the feature film and some clips are included in the highlight film. But we also provide the audio recordings with your final deliverables. 

A La Carte


Although not included in any of our packages we offer a love story film as an add-on. Love story films are a similar concept to engagement photography but we design ours to be more like a date. We have you choose an activity instead of a location, and we come along as a double date. We get to know you guys, talk about the wedding and film you on the date. Ideas have ranged everywhere from going sailing to pumpkin picking, we are up for anything or anywhere. The world is your oyster.

Traverse City Wedding Videography


Now before we explain this featured add-on, notice raw footage is in quotations. This is because most companies when stating raw footage hand over EVERYTHING they captured on your wedding day. We feel that our couples should have the option to every clip we filmed. But, we also feel it should be cleaned up and presentable. So our raw footage works slightly different than most. First this can be added to a package before, during, or after booking with us. Once all final films are delivered we get started on the raw footage. We go through all of your footage, clip, clean, and color correct it, and place it in one film.

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