Northern Michigan Wedding Videography

The way we see it, the value of a wedding film lies in its ability to reemerge the flicker of emotions once felt that tend to fade over time. The fellowship, the ambience, the easily overlooked details. These are the things that inspire us and make us tick. We are lifetime Northern Michigan Natives, and draw much of our inspiration from the manifold natural beauty surrounding us. We think life is best lived treasuring every day as a blessing. Any day we can help others treasure their blessings is a day well spent.

We are Rich and Lina,
northern Michigan wedding videographers.


A quality film can preserve the intensity in a

simple touch, the sound of choking back tears, and the revelry of a celebration. 

Forever immortalizing major events like first dances, friends speeches, and your first moments as a wedded couple.


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Northern Michigan Wedding Videography



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